Young artists decorated 100 meters of graffiti in the center of Tallinn

21. November 2023
At the initiative of the development company Estmak Capital, young artists painted various graffiti-style paintings on the fence of Novotel Living


The large-scale youth street art project, Poordi Supergrafika 2023, was completed yesterday. It became the largest such project organized in the center of Tallinn in recent years. At the initiative of the development company Estmak Capital, young artists painted various graffiti-style paintings on the fence of Novotel Living, the first hotel with studio apartments in the Baltics, which is currently being built between the port and the Old Town.


On September 30, at Poordi 5, in front of residents and guests of the capital, the last winning works of the competition were completed as part of the Poordi Supergrafika 2023 project, created because of cooperation between Estmak Capital and the Mobile Youth Team of the Tallinn Department of Education (MONO). As a result of the project, a 100-meter graffiti exhibition was released for the first time in the very center of Tallinn.


Young artists covered the last 38 meters of the fence this Saturday with street art. The first ten works were completed on July 29. This time, five street art teams took part in the project, and over the course of the entire project, more than 20 young artists took part in painting.


“We are delighted that young people enthusiastically seized this opportunity to express themselves through art. These works made the urban space much richer and more unique. Before building the new hotel, we wanted to give young people the opportunity to create street art right in the city center, where it can be admired by both Tallinn residents and visitors to the capital,” said Mihkel Kaarjärv, sales manager at Estmak Capital.


According to Alexei Efimov, chief specialist of the youth department of the Tallinn Department of Education, many people came to admire the birth of works of art, and the feedback was only positive. “The Estmak Capital company became the first private enterprise that approached MONO with such a proposal and offered its territory to host a large youth supergraphics event,” added Efimov.


MONO supergraphics projects’ main goal is to allow young artists to legally try their hand in public space and develop their graffiti skills. This is the sixth major supergraphics event. The fruits of the creativity of young artists in Tallinn can be seen, for example, on the Pärnu highway viaduct, in the squares located at Paljassaare 2, in Vilde Sports Park, and Kivila Park.


In 2020, Estmak Capital signed a cooperation agreement with the world’s leading hotel chain Accor to open the first apartment hotel in the Baltics under the Novotel Living brand on Poordi Street in 2025. The hotel, which offers studio apartments, will have 120 rooms, co-working space, a gym and a restaurant. There will be commercial and service areas on the hotel’s ground floor. Negotiations with the first potential tenants of these areas are already underway. Construction will begin this year.


Estmak Capital participates in the arts scene in Estonia by supporting various exhibitions and competitions. For example, in 2021, the urban art exhibition Ööpildid, featuring Christy Kong’s Pink Cloud, opened on an LED-covered wall of the Explorer house. At Poordi Commercial Square 3, as part of the Estonian Academy of Arts thesis festival TASEˈ22, Olev Kuma’s exhibition “Translation” was held, and as part of the Tallinn Architecture Biennale, the vision competition CIRCULAR BLOCK: Reinventing the Mikrorayon was held. In addition, animation students from the Estonian Academy of Arts were given the opportunity to create works of art on the interior wall of the Lasnamäe Health House.


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