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Innovation and the environment are of the utmost importance to Estmak Capital. Our developments are based on the latest knowledge in the fields of design and construction, and the business and residential complexes we create form fully integrated environments of their own in which every detail is carefully considered. We want to offer the best property development in the Baltic States and to create sustainable value for future generations.



We have been developing residential complexes and commercial property in the Baltic States for 15 years. Working with leading experts, we implement smart, innovative solutions in the design and construction of buildings. All of our buildings are energy-efficient and impact the environment as little as possible whilst being aesthetically pleasing and providing cosy homes and places to work.


When it comes to residential buildings, we make sure our apartments are comfortable, well-planned and economical. We provide attractive outdoor spaces that are both practical and child-friendly.

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Our business property solutions help companies keep their auxiliary costs under control and reduce their carbon footprint in an energy-efficient way. A welcoming and well-functioning working environment can be every bit as cosy as home.

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We are innovative and environmentally sustainable

We are the first property developer in Estonia to sign up to the Makeitneutral sustainability programme

We want to create a more carbon-neutral world and a better future for our children. To this end, we are the first property developer in Estonia to sign up to the Makeitneutral sustainability programme, thanks to which we are helping to establish new forest habitats: for every rental transaction we enter into we plant 10 trees, and for every sales transaction we plant 100!

Explorer office building became the first structure in Estonia to be awarded a LEED Platinum certificate

Our Explorer office building in the historical port area of Tallinn has been officially recognised as the city’s greenest office building. Thanks to its innovative heating and ventilation solutions, it became the first structure in Estonia to be awarded a Platinum rating for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

We became the first developer in Estonia to draw energy from energy piles 20 metres beneath the ground

With our Promenaad buildings we also became the first developer in the country to draw energy from energy piles 20 metres beneath the ground, helping to save 20-30% on heating costs. The warmth generated by its air-conditioning system – which would otherwise simply be vented out – is also used to heat the building.

We are installing public electric vehicle charging stations that run entirely on renewable energy in all of our buildings

For electric car users, we are fitting all of our buildings with public charging stations that run entirely on renewable energy.

Our real estate development project in Latvia was nominated in the BRELF Awards 2022

The Lāčplēša Quarter in the historical city centre of Riga was nominated in the Latvian BRELF Awards 2022 in the category of Most Ambitious Future Plans. This event shines the spotlight on real estate projects, property developers, investors and initiatives that have had the most valuable impact on the Latvian property market.

We support culture and the community

We make our own contribution to art and architectural life in Estonia by sponsoring a variety of exhibitions and competitions.

Urban art exhibition “Nocturnal visions”

In 2021, we opened an urban art exhibition titled “Nocturnal visions”...

Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2022 exhibition

Within the framework of the 2022 Tallinn Architecture Biennale...

We value history and traditions

For this reason, we named the large residential and commercial quarter...

Estonian Academy of Arts exhibition

We hosted Olev Kuma’s exhibition ‘Transmission’ as part of the TASE’22...

Architectural competition

Working with the Union of Estonian Architects, we organised...

Lasnamäe Health Centre - the first public building in Estonia financed by private capital

Our Lasnamäe Health Centre was the first public building in Estonia...


A reliable developer. Always taking the customer’s wishes into account, finding solutions – flexible. Contributing more rather than less for the customer. Our relationship has always been positive – considerate real estate agents, accurate in settlements.

Külli Friedrichson

Uus Maa Real Estate agency

Our relationship with Estmak Capital is great! Whatever problems we have, a practical, helpful and customer-friendly approach is guaranteed.

Rutt Varak

Manager of Intera furniture salon

Cooperation with Estmak Capital was smooth and fast. We got answers to our questions on the same day and the problems were solved super quickly.

Rasmus Õisma

Montonio Co-Founder

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