Maserati sports car dealership is the new lessee of the Explorer office building

25. September 2023

Maserati opened its dealership in Explorer office building

On 4 August, Italy’s legendary luxury and sports car brand Maserati opened its dealership in the innovative Explorer office building in Tallinn. The Maserati showroom is a worthy neighbour to the Ferrari dealership in our Promenaadi Majad.


Maserati cars bearing the trident logo are famous for their attractive design, sporty performance and engine sound. This makes Maserati a favourite among people who consider driving first and foremost an enjoyable experience.


To celebrate the opening of the Maserati dealership, the new sporty urban SUV Grecale arrived in Estonia for the first time. Grecale is Maserati’s smallest SUV and is designed to a new standard of luxury that blends tradition and innovation. With its upward-opening butterfly-style doors, the supercar delivers 0-100 km/h acceleration in just 2.9 seconds and is now one of the crown jewels of our Explorer office building.


Next year, Maserati will launch the Folgore, an all-electric version of the Grecale that will fit in well with the innovative, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions of our office building. Maserati’s ambitions in the field of electric cars make it a worthy lessee for the Explorer office building which has been awarded the LEED Platinum certificate.


About Explorer office building

Located in the historic harbour area, the Explorer office building makes use of state-of-the-art technological solutions. Automation controls heaters and cooling and eliminates irrational energy consumption. All essential technical systems are remotely monitored and regulated. Office ventilation is divided into north and south sections based on cardinal points to make sure the airflow on the sunny side is greater by more than 50%. This results in sensible energy use and an excellent indoor climate. Thanks to this, the Explorer office building was the first in Estonia to be officially recognised as the greenest of its kind, earning it a Platinum certificate. No other office building in Estonia had earned the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Platinum certificate until then.


Estmak Capital, the developer of the Explorer office building, develops residential and commercial real estate projects in the Baltics and is focused on developing high-quality, high-tech and innovative projects. The development investment company was established in 2008 and has prioritised innovative, high-tech projects with maximum respect for the environment from the outset.


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Media coverage: Delfi and Geenius