Innovative Promenaadi houses
The heart of Tallinn is moving back to the seaside – to its historic and legitimate place

Some of the most modern residential and commercial properties in the Baltic States will be built here, where the brightest ideas and the most active people converge. Promenaadi Maja is already a valued residence. Yet it will be even more so for many years down the line.

The Old Town of Tallinn is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. The special value of the Old Town of Tallinn lies primarily in the medieval milieu and structure that have been preserved till today, but which has perished in the other Northern European capitals. Promenaadi houses are just a short walk away from the Old Town. The upper-floor residents can even enjoy great views to the Old Town from their home windows.

Promenaadi Maja extracts energy from the pile foundation

As the first apartment building in Estonia, Promenaadi Maja extracts energy from the pile foundation, i.e. the piles located 20 metres below the ground. Projected savings on heating costs could add up to 25–30%. Even the heat released from the cooling system, which is usually emitted into the air, is utilised. Central mechanical ventilation with heat recovery. The air blown to the premises is filtered in a ventilation device, which is located in a ventilation chamber on the roof floor. The roof apartments and apartments on the sunny side are fitted with a cooling system. The rooms are cooled with a central water cooling system by means of overhead cartridges. The temperature is controlled through a room thermostat connected to the common local heating system. The cooling consumption of all apartments is measured separately by means of remote meters.

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