First public EV charging point opens at Explorer office building

25. September 2023

Our first public EV charging point

Estmak Capital installed the first public semi-fast (AC) and fast (DC) EV chargers provided by Eleport OÜ at the Explorer office building. Starting this week, all Eleport clients can use the chargers. The option will be open to all other EV users soon.


The Explorer office building, located in the historic harbour area, uses the latest technology

Heating and cooling systems are automated, ensuring rational energy use. All essential systems are remotely monitored and controlled. All external walls are covered in LED panels that can show a static or moving picture around the whole building, meaning it can basically be used as a large screen. Office space ventilation is divided into north and south sections, meaning that the sunny side of the building gets 50% more air. This is why the Explorer office building was the first in Estonia to be named the greenest building in its category, achieving the Platinum certificate that no other office building in Estonia has received so far. Installing EV chargers was therefore the next logical step.



“Eleport uses 100% renewable energy, which fits both the concept of the Explorer office building and the overall ‘green’ mentality of Estmak Capital,” says Member of the Board at Estmak Capital Timofey Sukonin. “In addition, Eleport operates in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, just like us. Considering our future real estate projects across the Baltics, cooperation with Eleport is a forward-looking decision.”