Explorer: Tallinn’s Largest Cinema Screen. On a Business Building

08. April 2024

It’s impossible to walk past the Explorer business building without noticing its wall-sized, bright LED screens. Located near the port and the Tallinn City Hall, the largest “cinema screen” has been catching the eyes of both locals and tourists since 2016. From simple light shows to marriage proposals – the building brings color and mood to the typically gray Nordic everyday life.

Located in the heart of Tallinn, Explorer has won over many hearts with its playful look. It’s not just an eco-friendly architectural gem, it’s also a visual landmark by the harbor, adding richness to the local cityscape for years.

The walls turn especially breathtaking during autumn and winter evenings, where the bright colors offer a joyful contrast to the dark and gloomy atmosphere. We at Estmak Capital truly believe that beyond being practical, every new building should add something extra to the city space, be it a unique shape, color, light, sound, or something completely new.

From Marriage Proposals to Birthday Greetings to the State

When it comes to greeting or congratulating someone, why not go big! The LED panels covering almost the entire walls of Explorer allow messages to be seen far and wide as a visual spectacle.


According to Estmak Capital’s sales director, Mihkel Kaarjärv, the walls have hosted special animations for both national holidays and personal milestones. “The most unique was probably a marriage proposal on Valentine’s Day 2024 with its giant hearts and letters. Luckily the lady was pleasantly surprised and said yes,” Kaarjärv laughs.

The urban environment has also been made more festive with thematic light shows on occasions like Independence Day and Women’s Day. “On February the 24th, Explorer was decorated with flag colors and a special thematic video. On Women’s Day, we covered the entire building with stylish flowers, which, rumor has it, caught the eye of many. It’s important to us to make the urban space emotionally appealing and playful for people. We aim to contribute positively to the living environment in Tallinn,” Kaarjärv explains.

The Very Best In Many Ways

Explorer isn’t only about its smart facade. Inside, it’s equipped with the latest smart and highly sustainable technological solutions, earning it the highest recognition for sustainability – the LEED Platinum certification.

The building operates with a minimal footprint and low costs. Automated solutions make heating and cooling efficient, cutting unnecessary energy use. All crucial tech systems can be monitored and controlled remotely.

Ventilation is also smartly distributed according to the north and south directions, increasing air exchange by 50% on the sun-exposed side. This ensures reasonable energy use and the best indoor climate.

A Building That Literally Stands Out

Explorer is not just a standalone attraction but an important part of Tallinn’s visual identity. It embodies innovation and the community’s inventive spirit, the desire to think about people’s well-being while emphasizing an environmentally friendly mindset. Explorer is exactly what a worthy building should be.

Creative solutions on the walls of Explorer are open to everyone. Is it an invitation to a major event in Tallinn, a colorful message to tourists, or an unforgettable birthday greeting? Anything is possible. Come and find out for yourself.

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