Estmak Capital signes agreement with Aimasa to construct stock-office business complex Versum in Riga

25. September 2023

New uniVersum stock-office in Riga

Combined office, showroom, warehouse and business premises of the stock-office type have been popular in other parts of the world for years, but are only now gaining popularity in Latvia. Just such a money-saving business complex, complete with its own logistics centre, is currently being constructed by Estmak Capital in Dreiliņi, a rapidly developing area just outside the Latvian capital. Welcome to Versum, which will be opening its doors in 2024!


It’s all about the location – with greenery all around!

The Versum stock-office complex is in an up-and-coming part of Riga whose attractiveness is reflected in the fact that the Coca-Cola, Lidl and Rimi logistics centres are all to be found nearby.


Compared to big business centres with their traffic jams and parking problems, Versum will offer more than enough space. Located at the intersection of the busy Ulbrokas and soon to be four-lane Dzelzavas streets, Versum will be accessible to drivers coming from a variety of directions and, in time, will also be served by an express bus from the city centre. The complex will boast a large number of access roads and car parks. This will enable the hassle-free unloading of goods directly into warehouses, and there will be parking spaces aplenty for staff and customers in front of stores.


Marianna Elksnin-Vald, the head of marketing and communications with Estmak Capital, says that unlike the bleak industrial surroundings typical of warehouses on the outskirts of the city, Versum will create an inviting space around itself. “The greys and blacks of the car parks and loading bays will be offset with green spaces and lawns preserving the area’s biodiversity,” she explained. “Our approach is that Versum shouldn’t be a purely functional industrial park, but inhabit a natural space that staff and customers enjoy being in.” Made up of a number of buildings, the complex will form an attractive quarter all of its own, including park benches on which to sit and relax.


Not three-in-one, but five-in-one

Stock-offices tend to be advertised as convenient business premises which merge office, showroom and warehouse into one, saving on rental, management and logistics costs. But Versum’s location and the rapid development going on around it make it attractive to small and medium-sized companies in as many as five different ways:

  • By reducing rental and transport costs, since it eliminates the need for three different spaces
  • By boosting communication between departments, since all staff are based in the same place
  • By providing a clear overview of all work processes, which in turn enables more flexible working hours
  • By facilitating recruitment thanks to the large pool of potential workers living nearby
  • By making it much easier for clients to collect goods, even driving their vehicles right up to the warehouse doors

An ambitious hub of modern business

Designed with small and medium-sized businesses in mind, Versum is being constructed to Class A energy standards. Its roofs will be covered in solar panels, and there will be electric vehicle charging points for clients. The logistics centre will be even more ambitious, meeting all of the requirements of BREEAM sustainable certification.


The very green-minded Versum will cover almost 10 ha. It will feature more than 15,000 m2 of stock-office space across four buildings, while the two buildings comprising its logistics centre will measure over 30,000 m2. Stage 1 of the development is due for completion in July 2024.


Take a look at the exciting new three-in-one premises in the Versum complex online at