Estmak Capital Presents: A Green Oasis in Riga’s Business Landscape

30. January 2024


Tonight’s topping out ceremony marked a significant milestone for our new stock-office development in Riga – Versum. The innovative eco-friendly project efficiently combines showrooms, offices and warehouse spaces under one roof.

Green meets comfort – for businesses and customers 

Versum is making waves in the Latvian business real estate market. Its unique approach is to accommodate a wide range of businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises. Additionally, the customers and contractors have the privilege to park directly in front of the businesses.

The strategic location in Riga’s rapidly growing business district ensures that Versum is not just a place to work, but a hub for connectivity and opportunity.

The construction of Versum is an outstanding example of contemporary design and ecological sensitivity. The building is crafted using state-of-the-art materials and smart engineering techniques, highlighted by features like rooftop solar panels and a heat recovery ventilation.



These innovations not only promote a sustainable environment but also ensure cost-effective operations by reducing heating and cooling expenses. Moreover, tenants have the privilege of personalizing their indoor climate, thanks to the independently controlled heating and ventilation in each unit.


Green thinking is at the forefront of Versum, as evidenced by its BREEAM certification. Versum also offers the flexibility to adjust and change designs according to the tenant’s  preferences.

A real game changer, from start-ups to multinationals 

Versum has room for everyone. With an area of 15 000 square meters, Versum is an ideal place for a wide variety of businesses – from sizzling startups to large multinational corporations. The forward-looking hub is especially attractive to trade and IT companies, providing a synergistic mix of warehouse, shop and office spaces. Colliers, a leading international real estate consulting firm, is exclusively partnering to present various leasing opportunities within Versum.



Kaspars Gražulis from Colliers Baltic describes the current situation:

“Today the supply of new efficient buildings is limited. Tenants are usually left in outdated properties paying large utility bills and leasing unused areas.” He believes that Versum can be a real game changer: “Versum is an outstanding opportunity for companies who value sustainability and seek for flexible and energy efficient property.”

A high demand: spaces already pre-booked 

The market has already shown considerable interest in rentals, with many spaces being pre-booked. Versum is expected to be completed by the beginning of July 2024. The entire project, including four additional buildings, will be ready approximately in the third quarter of 2026.



For businesses seeking a prime location in Riga, Versum offers a unique combination of cost optimization, efficient space management and environmental consciousness, making it an optimal choice for modern businesses.

In Estmak Capital we have been developing sustainable and innovative real estate in Latvia and Estonia for 15 years. Our portfolio includes residential complexes and commercial buildings with an area of 180 000 m2.

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