Estmak Capital hosts Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2022 exhibition

25. September 2023

Hosting TAB 2022 exhibition

Estmak Capital is honoured to host the vision competition exhibition “CIRCULAR BLOCK: Reinventing the Mikrorayon” as part of the Tallinn Architecture Biennale (TAB) 2022.


This year’s vision competition examined the ability of architecture to convert waste into energy through recycling activities on both micro and macro scales, focusing on Lasnamäe, the largest district in Tallinn. The main task of the participants was to propose solutions for the Lasnamäe district and its buildings, in order to form a well-integrated system that takes into account the needs of the inhabitants of the district.


The winning work of TAB 2022 vision competition proposes the step-by-step demolition of the current buildings of Lasnamäe over a 40-year period. According to the author’s vision, changes in Lasnamäe would depend on the newly planted forest and its growth cycle. In addition to the winning work, other Lasnamäe-themed works entered into the competition that caught the attention of the jury are also introduced in the exhibition.


Art and architecture

Estmak Capital has participated in the life of Estonian art and architecture before by supporting various exhibitions and competitions. This spring, the exhibition “Transmission” by Olev Kuma as part of the Estonian Academy of Arts Grad Show TASEˈ22 was hosted on the commercial premises at Poordi 3 and in 2021, the public art exhibition “Nocturnal Visions” of the Estonian Centre for Contemporary Art with the purpose to bring contemporary art to the urban space was presented on the wall of the Explorer commercial building which allowed to display a 360-degree static or dynamic image.


“Our company appreciates art and architecture and, therefore, we wish to support and take part in these areas. As a real estate development company, we try to approach our projects with creativity and innovation by contributing to the development of urban space through sustainable and unique real estate developments that have a broader positive effect on the surrounding environment,” said Timofey Sukonkin, the Chairman of the Management Board of Estmak Capital.


The exhibition of the Tallinn Architecture Biennale is open from 8 September until 25 September on Poordi 3 fence.


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