Apartments on Promenade. Watch the VIDEO!

25. September 2023

The city centre has claimed back its rightful location – beside the sea

A person who buys an apartment not only acquires a home, but also adopts a lifestyle. Promenade Houses are a project in the heart of the city. Realtors have stated that the city centre has claimed back its rightful location – beside the sea.


Promenade Houses are also a great investment. They are the most modern living and business premises in the Baltics, unifying the best ideas and the most active people.


People who have already moved in to a Promenade House say that one of the advantages of its location is the close proximity of it to everything. Schools in the city centre are only a walk away, along with fitness and hobby classes for children, young people, and adults. You can get a meal, visit a beauty salon, or buy stylish outfits without even having to leave the house.


Apartments with three types of style are available in all the houses, enabling you to find an interior that best suits your personality and world view. The common traits of all three types are beauty and quality.


The Oslo apartments are designed with light and clear colours with dominating natural materials suitable for a Scandinavian taste. Interiors are characterised by simple forms and slight contrasts – for example, dark lamps on light wood.


The Milan apartments are attractive with the extravagant courage of a Southern European style – according to interior designers, this luxurious style has the most intensive character. It includes interior elements such as fishtail oak flooring and dimension stone in the bathroom and the kitchen. Small details are also important – brass switches and different elements with soft corners.


The New York interior design style of Promenade Houses is characterised by dark colours in contrast with lighter shades. Interior designers describe it as graphical and cosy, but at the same time courageous and wilful. Internal walls are playful with contrasts, the flooring is done with respectful and classy oiled parquet. Interior details are black, combined with natural wood.


Sample apartments are available for all three styles. A person who finds a dream home right here in a sample apartment can buy the whole solution, including the kitchen, furniture, textiles, and everything else that accompanies a harmonised style solution.