15 years of innovation and achievements: “Estmak Capital” celebrated its birthday

02. February 2024

On January 25, 2024, the company celebrated its fifteenth anniversary.

A birthday is always a great occasion to remember successes, share plans for the future, and celebrate loudly. After all, we have something to be proud of.

Over the years, our company has implemented many unique projects, such as Promenaadi Majad, Kuuseheki Elurajoon, Explorer, Lasnamäe Tervisemaja, etc. in Estonia and Lacplesa Skvers, Capital City, Saga, etc. in Latvia.

Wittenhof, Novotel Living, Moow, and Versum are also under construction, which will decorate the streets of Tallinn and Riga in the coming years. And we are not going to stop there.

Indeed, thanks to Estmak Capital, 180,000 square meters in the Baltic countries are occupied not just by buildings but by carefully thought-out innovative, smart, and environmentally friendly environments for living and working. Our facilities are made using original knowledge and technologies of landscaping and energy saving. All this is combined with the durability and aesthetics of each building. It’s a worthy cause to continue.

But we would not have achieved such results without our employees and partners. Our company has been working with the most experienced and ambitious people in the development field for many years. We express our gratitude to you! Not only for the exciting and fruitful work process but also for the ability to share the successes of our team and the desire to celebrate an important event together.

He who works well rests well 😉 Happy Birthday, “Estmak Capital”!