Lasnamäe Health Centre – important social project

25. September 2023

The construction of the Lasnamäe Health Center was financed by private capital

The health centre on Linnamäe tee 3 is the first societal building in Estonia whose construction was fully financed by private capital.


According to Timofey Sukonkin, an investor of the health centre, the high interest of tenants and future clients assures that this is an important initiative, long awaited in Eastern Tallinn.


‘When the construction of the Lasnamäe health centre was in its early stages, we already realised its huge importance for the region: the interests of doctors to offer high-quality services in high-quality conditions is equal to the wish of people to get quality healthcare conveniently and from one location,’ Sukonkin said.


The health centre joins two buildings. Health services, including family doctors and specialists, along with rehabilitation services and a pool, outpatient surgery, and research opportunities are in the five-storey part of the health centre. A sports club, pharmacy, store, and other services are available in the second, two-storey building.


The Lasnamäe health centre is located on the intersection of Lasnamäe, Kose, and Maarjamäe districts. Residents of Lasnamäe have comfortable access on foot as well as with public transportation. A nearby bus station allows quick and smooth access from other districts of Tallinn. Its location on the intersection of Mustakivi tee and Narva maantee enables easy access for residents of Pirita and Viimsi, but also for people who live in outlying settlements of Tallinn.


Of the five storeys of the Lasnamäe health centre, 4,400 square metres are reserved for medical services, while the second building includes an equal amount of room for commercial, sporting, and other services.


The health centre is home to the Kose-Lasnamäe family health centre and the Tallinn municipal family health centre. Endocrinologists, dermatologists-venereologists, gastroenterologists, otorhinolaryngologists, pulmonologists, orthopaedists, urologists, gynaecologists, and other specialised professionals also operate there. Neurology, paediatry, and general surgery services are also available.