Kuuseheki residential area

25. September 2023

The first apartment building handed over to the buyers

The first apartment building given from Nordecon to Estmak Capital OÜ was in Saue, at Kuuseheki 50. Estmak Capital, the developer, has already handed keys over to the first buyers. The apartment buildings of the Kuuseheki residential district are energy-efficient three-storey houses with an A-class energy label.


According to Timofey Sukonkin, Chairman of the Board of Estmak Capital, the apartments are ideally compatible with the established character of the neighbourhood. ‘Saue is a natural and environmentally friendly district. Our energy-efficient solutions are designed to complement the already existing infrastructure,’ Sukonkin said.


‘I am very glad that Estmak Capital chose Nordecon as their partner: it is a well-thought-out solution. The high-quality construction followed the A-class energy label standards that guarantee a comfortable living environment with low general costs and a durable building. People who are looking to buy an apartment will surely value the big garden around the building,’ said Ando Voogma, Board Member of Nordecon AS. ‘Saue is a small and green town with excellent connection to Tallinn: new residential buildings will surely attract young families who value a cosy living space with all opportunities,’ Ando Voogma added.


The apartment building of Kuuseheki 50 has 48 apartments with 2–4 rooms. The building is on pile foundation and three storeys high. Each apartment has a balcony and a terrace with enough privacy, larger apartments also include a sauna. Each apartment comes with at least one parking space. The building has solar panels and electric car charging stations in the yard. The Saue railway station near Kuuseheki 50 is a half-hour ride away from the Tallinn centre.


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